What are you in need of this next hour?

For a beggar with a begging bowl, it’s a penny. For a man with an injury, it’s a doctor. For someone who is hungry, it’s food. For a new Mum it is sleep.
What are the things we need in our churches? I remember visiting a church in England that had a 20 year old tea urn that required a ‘special’ way of pouring the hot water. It was leaking but they were content. What struck me was that there was a wealthier church just 100 meters away with amazing facilities but they neglected to share with their brothers and sisters on the same turf! This is not an isolated example, the list could go on…
I guess all things are relative. This small faithful needy church needed a Minister far more  than they needed a new tea urn, the church around the corner had other needs, maybe  more workers, more teachers…
Just recently, our family has been praying for missionaries that went out to South Sudan, we prayed that they would find shelter. They also needed an open door in a predominately Islamic country.
The Bible says, ‘And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus’ Philippians 4 v 19. He will provide all that we need to accomplish the work that he has set us to do. We will not lack anything that we need. We may have periods of having to do without the things that our culture values as essential but He is faithful and His Word is true.

The last thing that Christ told the disciples was to teach all nations, this mandate is still in force. We can pray, partner with missionary organisations or even go as far as participate in a missionary venture. He will provide for us in our calling to make disciples of all the earth. Start with the neighbours, the lonely, the sick, the new Mum… demonstrate contentment and love. And may we have the type of faith that is known throughout the world.

Shine brightly