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I don’t really know why, but today I was remembering the day that I attended the renewing of wedding vows for friends of ours who had been married thirty years. First of all, thirty years is a long, long time to share a life with one person. In light of the state of our present world, dare I say that what we witnessed that day was nothing short of a miracle? God’s grace was on glorious display right before our very eyes!

What I want to write about today is the groom. Bride-zilla would have us believe that wedding days and vow renewals are all about her, but I was so taken with that groom. So was the lady sitting behind me. We were anxious to see my friend, and how she would look when she walked down the aisle. But we both agreed that there is nothing like watching the face of a groom when he first lays eyes on his bride walking through the door.

It was like watching a tennis match. Glance at the door. Glance at the groom. Glance at the bride of thirty years coming down the aisle. Glance at the groom again. Oh, we were not disappointed! We saw the sweetest smile come across his face when he caught a glimpse of his wife in the doorway. That smile gave way to eyes that sparkled with just the slightest hint of tears. He whispered something into the pastor’s ear. How I wish I knew what he said.

Maybe he said that she looked even more beautiful today than she did all those years ago. Maybe he whispered that he’d do it all again. Maybe he said that he wouldn’t have missed her for the world.

Did you know that every time Jesus Christ, your Bridegroom, looks at you, He thinks those same things? He remembers where you were, and exactly what you looked like, the day He found you. He remembers the day that you made your vow to follow Him forever. He thinks that you are infinitely more beautiful today than you were all those years ago. You are a beautiful bride, radiant with His Holy Spirit.

He has no regrets about choosing you. He’d do it all over again in a hot second. For better or worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Through laughter and tears. From eternity past, until death, and in eternity beyond. He would choose you over and over again.

Every time He sees you coming to spend time with Him, each time He hears your voice, in each moment of joy when you praise Him, and in each dark night, full of tears, His eyes are fixed on you. You are His beloved Bride, and He grins from ear to ear. His eyes well up and sparkle with tears of joy over you. In His eyes, you are the most beautiful sight He’s ever seen.

He turns and whispers to His Father, “I wouldn’t have missed her for the world.”

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May the Lord bless you all this weekend.
Shine brightly