Many of us will be familiar with this beautiful verse that reminds us that our families are all about serving the Lord. No matter what other people are doing (yes, we do look around don’t we?), despite our weaknesses, despite our stumbling, our desire is to serve the Lord.

One of the amazing things about our God is that He actually equips us to serve Him. Like a soldier going into battle with his armerment, we are provided with everything necessary for the path laid out before us. We are not all the same, we do not have the same gifts  but without a doubt, He has gifted us in order to serve Him.

As our children are getting older, I have the benefit of hindsight and yet still have a way to go before they flee the nest. I  am so grateful that the Lord has indeed blessed us in so many ways… Our children love the Lord and He is included in their plans for the future. However, I realise that this is a great blessing given to an unworthy soul. I cannot boast in anything but His grace. Yes, I have tried to train them up in the way they should go (and am still doing so) but only because He gave me the tools, people, words of wisdom, books and godly counsel in order to fulfil this great task.

I praise God for His unfailing mercy upon me and my family and because of this great love I can truly say, ‘as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’

Shine brightly