The weekend is here and for many parents without spare cash, it can prove to be a long and tiresome weekend, especially if your husband is working or you are a single parent.

Here are a few ideas that cost nothing or very little:
Scavenger hunt, you can be creative here by using items that will be found in your particular neighbourhood. A leaf from an oak tree, a chestnut etc. You can adapt it to suit the ages of your children.

A trip to a museum. It’s amazing how many people realise how little they used local amenities until they move out of the are. Take a fresh look at things that are offered free by local councils. You can make it more interesting by teaching them about one particular item that you know is exhibited, they will enjoy seeing something that they have already been learning about.

A picnic. Eating anywhere outdoors is fun for children. A blanket and a ball can turn it into an event.

Hama beads.

Fimo jewellery.

Lego towers.

Saltdough people or animals.


Biscuit decorating.

Making paper snowflakes in winter.

Making leaf garlands in the autumn.

Walking a neighbour’s dog.

If you have a small amount of cash look out for special prices at the cinema.

Even meeting friends for a stroll at a local park or nature reserve can break up the day. Take a flask of hot chocolate and a packet of biscuits to create a memorable occasion.

Enjoy your weekend, maybe you could add to these ideas?

Shine brightly