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Hi ladies!
Today is Monday and therefore I would like to commit today’s post to marriages. As a Christian woman I want my marriage to bring glory to Christ.

Some Christians have wonderful, conflict – free marriages, others have very turbulent marriages. I guess for most of us we have times of great joy and periods of immense strain and of course times of just plodding on without any drama or excitement.

Wherever you are on this path that the Lord has laid before you, it is good to take stock. Like any investment (marriage and family life are your biggest investments), without proper planning and evaluation is likely to suffer to some extent. So, here is a mini run down or checklist of pointers that can help you to glorify God in your marriage this week:

*1- Pray for your marriage.

Give thanks to God for it. Even if you are in a time of great strain, pray that you will glorify God in your marriage.

*2 – Honour your husband with your words.

Choose your words wisely. Be kind. At the end of the day when emotions are running high, maybe one or both of you have been working, the children need attention, it is all too easy to speak a harsh word or two. Remember to season your words with grace.

*3 – Work with your hands.

The proverbs 31 woman works with her hands, she has strong arms. Whatever work you have to do, whether as a full time home-maker or working out of the home, work in a way that brings glory to God and honour to your husband.

If you are blessed to be a full-time homemaker, the bible has lots of lessons for you 🙂 I just love that!

The Proverbs 31 woman worked hard, she rose early and worked into the night. Another proverb says ‘Go to the ant you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.’ Ooh, tough words but very wise…

It’s tempting to become lazy if your work is around the home, especially if you have a very easy-going husband! However, as women of God wanting to bring glory to Him, we want to honour Him in our roles as home-makers. Be excellent at whatever it is that the Lord has called you to.

Women who work outside of the home need to take care not to over burden themselves with the pressures of a career. If your home life is becoming strained and untenable, pray to God for wisdom to know how to manage your time in order to fulfil your role as homemaker. Ask your husband for guidance if you need it.

May the Lord bless you as you seek to honour Him in your marriage.

*4 – Bless your husband today by just looking at him. When did you last gaze into your husbands eyes when he was talking to you? You might be surprised at how long ago it was that you looked at one another…

*5 – Be aware of that ‘significant other’ that intrudes into precious time with your husband!

What am I talking about? Social media! Enough said 🙂

*6 – Do something out of the ordinary for your husband.

A back rub, a cup of tea, clear some of his papers, cook his favourite meal, whatever it is that your husband would enjoy then do it! He is YOURS!

*7 – Don’t talk about him.

Never disrespect your husband in front of your friends. If you are seriously finding your marriage difficult, see your Minister, his wife or maybe a godly friend. There is no shame is asking for help but never resort to criticising him behind his back.

Finally, recognise that no marriage is perfect. For further reading on marriage I highly recommend ‘This Momentary Marriage’ by John Piper.

Shine brightly