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Once again, last night we went to the Northern Convention in Inverness, Derek Thomas was teaching from Romans 8 v 28 which just so happens to be my favourite verse in the bible!

So many times I have found solace in this verse. I have found assurance in my hour of need, that my heavenly Father is working things together for my good. What comfort…

Dr Thomas assimilated Romans 8 v 28 to a room, a place of safety, a place of refuge, complete assurance and many other descriptives which affirm and illustrates the ‘safe place’ within the bosom of God.

Just recently a Christian woman shared with me that some years ago her son was killed along with two other young people. She said that to hear the reasoning of the other families was a torment to her. She couldn’t find any peace in their suggestions that ‘they were in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ no, she found peace and comfort in the God of Romans 8 v 28, the One who works all things together for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purposes.

You see, she knows that His ways are perfect. She cannot explain why her son was killed, it would seem prematurely. How can even such a terrible turn of events be out of God’s sovereign will?

Jesus never promised a life without trouble but He did promise that everything works for the good of those who love Him. God’s children are those whom He loves.

Dr Thomas went on to describe the world and life for those outside of the room. To be found outside of this room means chaos, disorder, despair, ruin, trouble and even suicide…

If today you are needing refuge, enter into the room of Romans 8 v 28. You will surely find the answers you are looking for, God is not sleeping, He hasn’t turned away, He hasn’t forsaken you, He is transforming you into the likeness of Christ. It is painful, sometimes it feels unbearable but to be in that room with Christ is better than the temporal, shallow consolations that this world offers.

Christian, take solace in the one who knows exactly what you are facing today, He knows because His sovereign will decreed it. He is not mean, He doesn’t lead us onto stony ground to cause us injury but to soften the feet that He is preparing for heaven. He will wipe away every tear and say ‘well done, good and faithful servant.’

What a day…. What a king.

Shine brightly