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I can’t count the times that I have been waiting for something. For as long as I remember I have been waiting…

As a child I would count down the days until my birthday, Christmas, a rare trip to the cinema or the end of the school term. Later, I waited for a husband – he had to meet a lot of criteria (he did!), when we had children we were waiting for news that the scans were all showing good signs of growth, waiting for the birth of each child (doesn’t it seem as though time stand still in the last week or so?), waiting for them to walk, to speak – you get the picture! I think we spend our lives waiting – waiting for pay day, the next promotion, exams to be over etc.

Many people today, right now are on their knees waiting upon God. Maybe you are one of them? Maybe your life has reached a point that you are just waiting for a clear direction from God.

Are you saying ‘ I will go Lord, just tell me where I need to go?’

Are you thinking ‘there seems to be no voice?’

Are you wondering whether God can hear you?

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

In fellowship with Him, through prayer, you can delight in what God delights in: trust, patience, stillness before a sovereign God, surrender and humility results in a deeper faith.

We often want to be the authors of our own story and in control of our own destiny – God is the author, He is writing the chapters of our story. You see, your story is interweaved with many other’s stories, there are other characters and plots to be written into your story.

The location that you have chosen in your mind’s eye is not nearly as wonderful and fitting for the story that is planned for you. Your story will encounter times of great triumph and blessing – adventures too great for you to behold and sometimes you will do battle with untold enemies – the greatest stories have a tapestry of love, danger, sadness and great victory over evil woven into it – the Master Story Writer is at work, with perfect penmanship He saves the most wonderful ending for His children…

Delight yourself in the Lord, recognise that even ‘The Waiting Room’ has been written in your story, every page needs to be turned, it serves as a natural pause to reflect on what has just been read whilst simultaneously evoking a sense of anticipation of what is to come!

I recognise that waiting can be painful… This chapter will end. It may be long and arduous but no matter how much manipulation you can muster up, God will have His way! He has far greater insight into your situation than you can begin to imagine.

Allow Him to write your story, He wants to be part of your book – it’s a life work that He is committed to, let the ultimate reign over the temporal – don’t be in a hurry for a snippy ending to a chapter, maybe you will miss an opportunity of a wonderful new character to enter in. Ultimately, as you wait upon the Lord, to reveal the next chapter, you soon see that you are also a part of His story…

Shine brightly