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This practical verse straight from the book of Colossians encourages us to do our best before God. Before you think I am going to lay a guilt trip on you – I am not. I am however going to challenge you to a self check (no one but God can see! ;-)) about your work ethic.

Now before I go any further let me just say that it isn’t wise to be overworked and running yourself ragged, too many people think they are indispensable in Christian ministry. Maybe they feel that if they don’t do this or that then it won’t get done – whilst there may be some truth in this observation, to assume responsibility for every job going is a recipe for disaster!

Once upon a time my husband and I knew a pastor who seemingly had everything under control… He had every eventuality covered and he wanted to remain in full control of everything. He managed quite well on the surface but lurking beneath was resentment and hostility. Everyone around him felt as though we were surplus to requirements and unintentionally he had just made everyone redundant.

This verse begins with

whatever you do…

So, first of all we need to know what God wants us to ‘do’.
Obviously you will have been given various responsibilities and these are at to be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Some of these things might be: wife, mother, homemaker/home-owner, church member, daughter (of ageing parents), home-school mum or any other roles that demand your constant attention.

All things are lawful but not all things are helpful…

1 Corinthians v 23.

So you know that you have been given various responsibilities but there are ‘other’ things that you feel you would like to do.

Ask yourself this question: Am I able to

work at it with all my heart?

Only when we are able to manage the responsibilities that God has given us should we consider extra responsibilities.

We have a heavenly Master, He sees the work of our hands. He doesn’t want us to be over burdened. He knows our frame and our hearts. We should take heed to the verses that exhort us to pursue, run and work only in the context that we are working for Him. Not for human masters but for the Lord. The work belongs to Him.

When we take our eyes off the Lord we can become overwhelmed and spread ourselves so thinly that we neglect the things we have been called to. We have to consistently remind ourselves of our calling, not to make these roles idols (football, ballet, hockey, swimming and coffee mornings are not what God has called us to by the way), but we should place a high priority on working hard, as to the Lord.

Shine brightly