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Merry Christmas!!! How are you today!!!


Isn’t this a post about depression?


I wonder how you feel when others around you are getting excited about the Christmas season, or even about anything?

Without wishing to limit the complexities of sufferers, in my experience, there are three categories of people with depression.

The first are those who have suffered a terrible trauma, the death of a loved one, abuse, a marriage breakdown or critical illness. It is understandable that those who have experienced these terrible trials would feel depressed, sometimes the problem continues and the burden is heavy. It is easier (not easy, but easier) to access and receive support as the evidence is clear. Most people can empathise with others who are suffering…

The second category are those who seem to have it all. They have loving families, enjoy good health and reasonable finances, they appear to be strong in their faith and yet they weep. They feel detached from the world around them, they can no longer connect even with their own families and often they feel overwhelmed by the most ordinary tasks or chores.

Is this you?

You can’t confide in anyone because as a Christian you feel that others will judge you or they won’t understand? Do you believe that good Christian woman should have enough faith to take everything to the Lord?

I would suggest that the problems are not really the problem. There is nothing worthy of feeling the way that you do. If you have a sore leg, a lump in your breast, a reoccurring headache would you not see your GP?

Would you not mention it to your friends or family?

Then why not with this feeling of hopelessness, meaninglessness and emptiness? If you won’t do it for yourself, if you are a mum, do it for your children. Visit your GP, talk to a mature Christian woman, in your own church or another. Depression can be treated with medication if there is no particular problem or issues that have lead up to it. There is no shame in seeking help; I have gone through several dark periods and never sought help. I continued without ever sharing even with those closest to me. I am in a different place now, I would seek help if I felt this way again.

If this is speaking to you, please get help. Call a friend and say ‘I have no reason, it makes no sense, but I feel depressed’. Visit your GP, there really is help.

You. Do. Not. Have. To. Remain. Like. This.

Finally, there are those who are depressed because they have suffered at the hands of other people and they cannot forgive. They are Christians, forgiven by the blood of Christ and yet they lack the ability to disperse this grace further than themselves. Bitterness will lead to depression. On your knees, pleading with God for Him to change your heart is where you will find peace. Cry out to God in repentance, forgive those who have hurt you.

Let go.

You are a child of God, your heavenly Father commands His children to forgive and if you are holding barriers up around your heart – you are being disobedient. Cling to the truth, forgive and love deeply as Christ did for you.

Depression is a debilitating disease, it destroys lives. Pray that He will show you His will, by it’s very nature depression means it is hard to understand or even care what tomorrow will bring, but I urge you to not go through it alone. Don’t be afraid to confide in a minister, his wife or another Christian.

Bless you