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There are so many great ideas going around as we approach Christmas; I wanted to share a few items with you!

The first comes from a dear friend, she has such a creative blog that is very homely and you get just a glimpse of her creativity and her love for God. She is such an inspirational, godly, lady and I recommend her blog especially if you are home educating or you just love doing nature projects with your children.

Find the pretty little candle displayed on the shelf and a whole lot more here:

Pretty Candles at ‘Under an English Sky’

Next up is another blog that delivers daily inspiration, great for meditating on one verse at a time, along with pretty photographs which always tie in with the verses! Take a look here:

Daily Inspiration at ‘Life and Breath and Everything Else’

Finally, who doesn’t love Nutella? And pound cake is so easy to make you can combine the two here:

Nutella Pound Cake Recipre


Ok, I must squeeze in one more recipe that looks delicious! We don’t have the store-bought dough that you see in the pictures, but a scone recipe would probably work just as well:

Cheesy Bacon Bread



Have fun this season!
Shine brightly