Feeling anxious? For many people, the stress of Christmas is becoming evident… A feeling of anxiety instead of joy is welling up inside…

Create memories…
In just two weeks time, Christmas will be a memory. It will be a memory either of anxiety, arguments, disappointment and discontentment or it will be a joyful memory, filled with thankfulness and loving exchanges.

The great thing is that you can determine (to some extent), what kind of a Christmas it will be.

A wee word…
Let me tell you a little secret – happiness at Christmas is not determined by how much you spend!

If you know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, then your Lord is telling you not be anxious about anything. Not even gift-buying at Christmas.

Cheerfully giving…
If you have very little money you can still make some really lovely gifts; these should cost less than £3.00 – adapt the ribbon and fabric to suit the recipient.

20121218-214859.jpg Jars of Gumballs

Vanilla Sugar


A Fairy Wand

Cute T-shirt Bunny


Do share if you have any ideas that meet the criteria of gifts-on-a-shoestring.

Shine brightly