After yesterday’s post, I wanted to add the idea that you can create memories for free!

Relish the thought that Christmas can be made extra-special for your loved ones by serving them…

Older folk would appreciate a gift card that offers an hour of gardening, cleaning, an outing or maybe even a visit once per week. Just imagine receiving the gift of company for a neighbour who doesn’t have family living nearby…

Younger children would be so blessed to receive a gift card stating that you will play with them for an hour on Boxing Day, make the card yourself, tie a ribbon and a sweetie and I promise they will receive this gift with joy! I don’t know any child that would refuse a gift of play!

A mum would appreciate a gift card of an hour (or more) of cleaning, ironing, cooking or maybe minding the children.

A guy might appreciate a gift card offering to clean the car, or help with paperwork, walking the dog – be creative – you know your loved ones!

Here is a link to some templates but take a look around the Internet for other designs or make your own. Printable Gift Coupons

I have been a recipient of very kind gifts over the years and the most memorable are those that were given in love, not expensive but made with lots of love.

When my second child was born someone brought us a tuna pasta bake and it was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten! I was so tired, I was incredibly grateful and remain so to this day.

Whenever I hear of a new baby being born now I want to replicate this blessing to others so my friends kindness goes even further!!! And this morning I was blessed to hear that a Christian woman was going to make a meal for my brother and sister in law as he is recovering from surgery. God is amazing the way He directs His children to bless others.

Be blessed – bless others.

Shine brightly