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Ok, so we are in the swing of a brand new year. This is a great month to reflect upon the old and consider the new. The old ways that served no purpose or brought little fruit for the Lord may have to go! Time-wasters, tedious tasks (and I’m not talking about cleaning the loo here!) that are unnecessary or that can be readjusted to create more time to serve better in other areas need to be looked at afresh.

We all have the same amount of time; we have obligations and necessary jobs to do each day – such as take a shower, clean teeth, prepare food and walk the dog! Some of you will have jobs outside of the home or little babies to care for too.

For me, I am a SAHM and a very busy Pastor’s wife. I have a zillion (great?) ideas about things, projects that would be so exciting – and I would like to see the church involved in. The danger for me is that in wanting to serve in our community I am at risk of overdoing it and giving my family the left overs… There are potential pitfalls in being too busy and through other’s downfalls I recognise that I must guard my home and family against it. In guarding my family, I am serving God. I am bringing my ideas and desires before the Lord and asking Him for great discernment in knowing His will for me and our home.

Life doesn’t need to be so hectic that when extra demands come upon my husband (which occurs quite regularly) I am too worn out to support him, which has happened in the past I’m sad to say…

If you are feeling worn out, frequently tired and stressed, for the sake of your family – take stock and spend the rest of January if necessary, thrashing out what it important to retain and for sanity’s sake, what must go. You are already accepted in Christ if you are a believer. You don’t need to prove anything. Follow Him where He leads but do not create your own paths!

Your family deserve better nourishment than leftovers every day. They need a fresh Mum (and wife), one who has the energy to delight in them and encourage them along their walk in faith too. I love these words…

Proverbs 31 v 26-27:

She speaks with wisdom,
and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Watch over your household carefully, pray for each one, show them what it is to rely on God for everything.

May God bless your family as you serve Him in your home and in your community.

Shine brightly