My son emphatically declared: ‘life is not going to plan!’

He had had a bad day week and was lamenting how much of his life, particularly at school was just not going as expected. He is such an optimist, he owns a never-ending smile and is an immense blessing to our home.

Even for a boy young man of fifteen, his expectations of life had betrayed him… We talked at length and he began to see how sometimes our expectations and plans are not always the best for us. In actual fact, many of our own desires and expectations are far from what God has determined for us.

I recall a time when my very cute, five year old nephew announced that he will give his kids as many sweets as they like! Amusing as it is, responsible parents can appreciate that a diet of junk is not the best for growing children… Although I am certain that for a five year old it seems like a perfect diet!

In the same way, our desires are rarely the same as what we need for sanctification. Let’s face it – who would specifically invite trouble to their door? Who would choose a difficult path?

When our heavenly Father leads us along thorny paths, He doesn’t leave us to our own devices and nor are we handed the metaphorical secatures in order to have a clear footing! Often we can emerge with thorns penetrating our skin and lingering discomfort. And yet, somehow we know His grace, and as we mature in faith we can sense an eternal purpose…

My daughter, aged ten recently pondered over the world’s suffering and sin… After some thought she decided that if she were God, she would simply flood the earth and ‘get rid of all the bad.’

Thankfully, mercifully, our God isn’t like that!

Thankfully, mercifully, He doesn’t leave us to walk in our own selfish paths either…

God is transforming us, He is in the business of preparing us for eternal life – and since He is the one who gives and takes away, it is in our interests to surrender our plans to Him…

For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison

2 Corinthians 4 v 17

Your life is going to plan… Maybe not life as you know it, but life as He has planned it.

Shine brightly