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‘Are you giving up something for Lent this year?’ This is a question that I have been asked with some humour at various times. I guess the whole ‘giving up’ something is amusing if it remains a torturous experience and nothing else. If you give up t.v or coffee there is little to gain if you do not channel the absence of something you enjoy into something that is of great spiritual value.

I made the decision to release 40 boxes of ‘stuff’ from my home during Lent, one per day. You might think, my goodness that’s a lot of stuff! Well, you would be right – I do have a lot of stuff. However a lot of my ‘stuff’ could be better used by someone else, I want to live more simply. I have never really been one to live luxuriously but I think that there is a lot to gain by living without an accumulation of things that are seldom used.

If I choose to get rid of my ‘stuff’ without finding some spiritual gain it would mean a tidier house and that’s it. If I use the ‘stuff’ to bless others then the Lord is honoured.

I pray that through my giving, I am reminded how much the Lord has given me. I could never match His generosity but I can remember that He sacrificed His life.

How will you remember His sacrifice? How can you become more generous in order to bring honour to God?

Shine brightly, walk humbly