I don’t deserve this; did you hear what she said?

Can you believe they are treating me this way? And they are ahem, supposed to be Christians!

What did I do to make him do that to me?

Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure that most of us know what it feels like to be nursing a wound or two as a result of other people’s callous remarks, hurtful actions or negative responses.

I have felt this way on occasion – well on several occasions! The problem we face when we are hurting is that we become insular, we start to look inward instead of upward.

We forget (or ignore) God’s Word, I think of:

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

Matthew 5 v 44.

As well as going through periods of feeling alienated, hurt, rejected and lonely I have also known the peace that attends to that darkened, twisted, ugly knot in my stomach when I act in faith as my Lord prompts me. When I pray for my enemies, or those who have wronged me; I can trust God to work and I have seen some incredible circumstances transformed in ways that were beyond my control.

If today you recognise that you have a deep hurt, or have been offended – pray for the offender…Often these people are in our family, or are connected through church relationships. These people matter… Can you trust God to work in the lives of others as He has in your own? Can you patiently wait and trust His timing?

We’re not honouring God when we nurse old wounds, replay past arguments or imaginary scenarios… Let go of your pain – the Lord wants to set you free.

If reconciliation isn’t working, where else have you to go except on your knees? I am speaking from personal experience and I want to share my blessing with you… By remembering how much I have been forgiven, I can forgive others. I know that problems will continue through this life but by God’s grace, and it really is by His grace – I will pray for my enemies. When we pray for our enemies, we are releasing them from condemnation. We are imitating our Saviour. We are saying to God ‘I prefer them to my own emotions’.

Is the Holy Spirit showing you someone right now? Maybe there are several people. Pray for them. Do good to them and trust God to bless your faithfulness and remember that God honours those that honour Him.

Shine brightly, walk humbly