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According to Kenneth E Bailey in Through Peasant Eyes, American Christians spend more on dieting than world missions. Did you catch that? American CHRISTIANS!

This statistic is one of a multitude which really does highlight the state of Western Christianity. The bible tells us ‘where your treasure is, there is your heart also…’

Many Christians pray for overseas missions; in our own Church prayer meeting we have been praying for Nigerian Christians and Iraqi Christians suffering horrific attacks at the hands of Islam. Prayer is our most powerful tool and yet the Lord makes provision for us in order to help and bless His people in practical service also. This is a challenge for us all.

When we consider the aforementioned statistic, it appears that there is something seriously wrong with our thinking if we spend more on dieting than on sharing with our brothers and sisters who are so often in desperate need.

Can you imagine them on their knees, praying that the Lord will provide?

He blesses others with a financial abundance in order to distribute and spend according to His infinite wisdom… and thoughtlessly we respond with ‘I need to lose a few pounds, I will buy a subscription to Weight Watchers or stock up on Slim Fast meals!?’

It isn’t as crude and deliberate as this I know, but it really makes us think when statistically, the West spends it’s money on frivolous purchases whilst at the same time asks ‘How can there be a God if there is so much suffering in the world?’

For me it is another reminder that our money is not our own, God will direct us in our spending if we ask Him… I have experienced several occasions that we have been led to give money, or buy something for another that has been an answer to their prayers. I also know, all-too-well what it is like to be on the receiving end. Praise the Lord! God blesses those who are faithful in the small things.

Shine brightly