How many times have you felt as though you just don’t fit? I have heard this said on several occasions, but as I get older I am becoming less inclined to follow a crowd and more inclined to seek God for approval.

As human beings designed for communal living, we crave companionship and belonging. However if this desire becomes distorted we can find ourselves quenching the Spirit of God in order to please others or fit in with a crowd.

Although we were created to live in communities, our lives on earth are temporal – we were made for a purpose here on earth but this is not our eternal home. A fish would never really be happy living on land because it was made to live in water. A camel would be out of place in the High Street of a Scottish town… Think about it; this is not our true home, we long for a heavenly home – a mansion with many rooms – but we get so caught up in the here and now.

Cast your eyes to eternity, think in terms of eternity and allow this to lead your ways. To think of establishing strong roots in something that is inevitably going to crumble is futile. Spread your roots in eternal matters, the offerings of the temporal earthly pleasures are fading, Jesus’ kingdom is forever.
Shine brightly